Seal of DIS approval and editing

I know, Friday is the day I am to post about writing and perfroming, not about food–but the two sujects sort of meld today.

1. A new brand of ice cream that purports to be Old Fashioend and great–It costs 3.99 a pint. Grnated, I used coupons and sales to buy it at a lower cost to sample it, but Front Portch Ice Cream is definitely not even worth the 1.25 per container (not really a pint) that I paid.

Most flavors are pedestrian with a touch of ice and grain but what drove me to post about it was the blueberry crumble—supposedly lemon with cake and blueberry swirled in–Grainy , odd pieces of cake, one small tint of color of blueberry in the entire pint–no berries at all and the flavor was a very aritficial vanilla with a hint of artificial tasting lemon. After I tasted it, I threw it out. I plan on sending this same review to Front Porch to help them make their product better–perhaps it is the shipment I got?? (Three different purchases, two different stores??) But I want to give them a chance to make it better–not for me, because I am done with their product, but for others and for the folks who work there. Mistakes do happen

Granted, I was a bit harsh on these folks, but ice cream is my fave treat. I am rarely this harsh in a public medium–but I am this harsh on my own work–for the same reason I am being a bit tough on Front Porch–I want to make it better. After a piece sits for a bit, I am ruthless with words, cutting, slashing, and polishing.

No repetition. No AND or BUT to start a sentence. Friends sometimes help me polish–but I only trust the ones who will challenge my assumptions–otherwise, how will I find repeats and inconsistencies, the unpleasant graininess of what I write.

Mistakes happen, but I need to get rid of them if I want an editor to buy my product.

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