Contest–Bonus Post

One of my fellow Desert Breeze authors has a contest going on for her next book–sounds wonderful. Hurry up and get your entry in to her– the link is in the post.

Contest! Would YOU like to be IN this book?
Emily Burns grew up a New Jersey
orphan, so she never expected to inherit a southern plantation in Mississippi
from a great-aunt she never even knew existed. Mysteriously drawn to the house,
she discovers an old diary hidden in the attic and her life becomes
unexplainably entwined with a Civil War Ancestor.

Lydia Harper didn’t
plan on buying a slave. But when she saw the woman being beaten, she did the
only thing she could to save her. After a traumatic event, the barriers of
social propriety break down and the two women discover they have more in common
than they ever imagined. With war on the way, they are desperate to leave behind
clues in hopes that someday someone will tell their story.

Can Emily
battle her demons in time to fulfill her destiny and uncover the secrets of
Find out HOW:

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