Writing Programs


So, Writing!!!

Build your Story–a writing class for K-Grade Three— talk will use my own four books for young children as examples , and my non-fiction book, Massachusetts.

How to build a sentence, concept of beginning , middle and end
The Power of Words, writing for Grades 4 and 5

Examples will come from those books above and from my short stories, several of which have won awards. The emphasis will be on choosing nouns and verbs that make a difference. Can include a segment of writing as a group as well
Middle School Programs, Reading from my work and presenting–poetry, short stories, novels, non-fiction–using objects to start a story-
High School, same as above at a higher level, plus ekphrastic poetry and short stories and/or will talk about the process of publishing my young adult historical fiction, Giulia Goes to War, the relationship of fact and fiction in writing a piece of fiction


Glad also to come to your library or book club to talk about my books or writing in general


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