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Poem up, Yes, this is part of my series

My poem, Summer Shimmers is up in the Weekly Avocet–thank you Charles Portolano for accepting my work into this journal of nature poetry–honored to be among such lovely work.
Why is this part of my picture book promo series? People always say, how is it that you publish so much? One reason is that I write every day. I don’t wait for the muse to visit. I run ahead and when she catches up we irk together, but I am constantly writing and revision…articles, poems… Short stories, flags fiction, essays, you name it…yes there are a couple of novels on my computer too, fighting for life, but deadline, contracted work always takes precedence over work that is not an assignment.

Keep writing, friends, keep writing!


So, here we are, almost at publication date, I am scrambling to get some book signings and advance PR–anyone who wants to host me on their blog, let me know!



Having trouble update my appearancee section

Does not seem to want to update from last year!

Meantime, upcoming will include a performance on September 15 in Prince William County Library, doing my Civil War era tale of Belle Boyd as seen through the eyes of her Aunt!

Help from a Friend

Melinda Cochrane, a few years ago became a publisher of some of my poems–since then she has become someone I consider a friend. The other day she asked if I would write down my thoughts on working with her–I did and she posted that little piece on her page, giving my Author page a boost at the same time.

Thank you, Melinda. Here is what she posted on June 28–through a glitch, FB never notified me that it was online!

From Joan Leotta
Poetry is the most personal of the writing forms I use. When I send my poetry out into the world it’s like sending out a piece of my soul. In 2013, I was fortunate enough to have Melinda choose three of my pieces, Curve in the Road, Voices in the Fog and El Dia de los Muertos, into her anthology, The Inspired Heart.

The steps after acceptance were as exciting as the acceptance. Bruce Kauffman, the editor was kind and generous with his help in shaping these poems just a bit so that their impact was intensified for the reader. Then, seeing the rest of the International cast—blew my mind away with joy and humility for sharing space in a book with them!

Melinda and Bruce kept me informed on the process all the way to publication. Her sensitivity to my work and the high quality of the other included poems led me to trust her brand with another of my works –this time for her internet

She showcased A Platter of Mezze , giving it a lot of exposure, and in fact, has recently re-publicized the link, giving the work an even greater potential readership. Melinda is all about uplifting and encouraging writers and the potential readers of whatever work her brand puts out. I am proud to know her and to be a part of her efforts.

Poems by Joan Leotta in MCI works

Curve in the Road

Voices in the Fog

El Dia de los Muertos

A Platter of Mezze

Joan Leotta