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How About That–One More!

The 2016 Poetry Marathon anthology is now available to buy for 7.99 per copy! It isn’t on Amazon yet but will be soon. Thank you, Catilin Jans!

Today’s the DAY!!!!!!!

Rosa and the Red Apron is officially OUT in the world!

You can buy it online or just contact me ! You can send me a check for $15–12 plus 3 for shipping or if you live near me com by and pick it up!



Today’s the Day!

So, here it is! And what is Rosa and the Red Apron “about?” Some of you have guess ed that it involved cooking–and you are right!

But the story also deals with the importance of reading to a child and oh, yes, there is a third idea introduced too—they joy of giving to someone else. I know, tricky! I told you to guess one of two themes, but I was keeping number three under wraps until you saw the cover. There’s a lot packed into this little read-to for the kindergarten and younger set.

You can order it now from or wait until after November 30 when it will be on


One More Day! Can You Guess?

So, tomorrow, my cover reveal! Have you guessed the two topics in this book,

Rosa’s Red Apron?

Something good is coming!

Don’t you just love anticipation?

Stay tuned for my cover reveal coming on Friday!

Book Three in the Rosa series

Rosa’s Red Apron-the book has two themes–can you guess what they are?



On the weekend of October 22 , we were too word out from various hurricane related incidents to make the drive to Norton Centre in Danville KY for the October 24 grand opening of EAT! an exhibit that selected my story, “The Magician;s Trick (Pears),” as one of the 11 to have a work of art created for it. Sarah Jane Sanders created a wonderful photo of pears, partially eaten to represent the delightful pears in my story!
The photographer says.”EAT is a collaboration between literary works and photography. This collection was developed by an eagerness to create a body of work that ultimately heightens the senses, occupies the viewer’s attention, and triggers memories and experiences built around food, causing a conversation to begin. Each photograph offers a suggestion in understanding the writer’s tone as well as my own perspective of the piece. In the exhibited literary works, certain signifiers caused a flood of sensations that stimulated my own personal language built around food. This language is the core of each photograph in this collection.”
Here is the link (you only get to see a bit of the photo but I took a photo of the smaller version they sent to me and here it is, below! also a photo of me holidng it–I look tired, but the artwork is great!

Nothing New Under the Sun

Today I received a rejection from a publisher–said my picture book was too much like another on the market already–a best selling one at that!  Hope these three tips help you in preparing your manuscript to send out!

My bad that I had not read that book (2012 release). Looking into the matter further, I see that my book is not really like that one but the title–oh my the title is almost exactly the same, highlighting any similarities.

I have several ideas in mind (including a title change!) to make sure that my book is different, but this incident shows:

  1. Ideas happen! To many folks all at once.
  2. . I need to be more aware of what is going on the picture book market (humbling because I thought I was keeping up)
  3. Do not neglect title research before sending out a manuscript!