Good Things Worth Waiting For

Finishing Line Press has informed me that my book will be at least 8 weeks late–today is the day it was supposed to come out.

I just got my galleys on Monday and am sending them back on Tuesday the 17th, checking  and rechecking.

Please be patient!




Trying to add things to wordpress!!!



Don’t seem to be able to add the widget for this to keep it permanently on the site but indeed I am participating!


Ruby for Women

My article is posted today the Rubyfor Women blog!


So, I am rarely at a loss for an idea so decided this would be a good way to organize my thoughts for the new year and give me marching orders for a series of new picture books.

Two days into it, already more than two ideas, but the discipline is a very good one. Also trying to channel creativity into a new haiku start each day.


Good 2017 to you!

Looking for some good luck in 2017?

Try this Italian food tradition for New Year’s Day meal.


Song from my Poem…/shortest-day-video-solstice-sho…/

You can reach the video of Juliet performing the song she wrote that was inspired by my poem–what an honor! My poem was also read at the festival and will be read at other engagements Cherry Potts, the wonderful editor of Arachne arranges
Happy New Year to all, and Blessed Christmas eve when the light of heaven came onto earth

Form in Poetry-small note

The new issue of The Ghazal Page is up and thanks to Holly Jensen and Gene Doty, my poem, Sunrise at the Beach is included in this issue which covers place. I feel honored to be among so many talented practitioners of this lovely old form of poetry and so glad it is experiencing a revival, The rhythms of this form are demanding but they also give back by stimulating new ways of expressing ideas,