A Short Tale for the Holiday

Take a look at this tiny tale!

I’ll be working on it to make it better and larger in the coming months–or do you like it as is? I’d love to have your input!

Gregor the Ghost woke up late afternoon on Halloween, his very favorite day. He would walk along the streets and no one would be afraid! They would think he was just another child in a ghost costume! When the moon was high, he joined the crowds going from house to house for candy.

He noticed a girl dressed as a green and yellow spider all by herself.

“What’s wrong ?”

“No one wants to go with me. They say I’m too scary ”

Gregor laughed.”Spiders don’t scare me.”

Ghost and spider gathered candy together. Neither one scared the other!

Write What You Know

From the very first, and no matter what the over topic of my fiction and poetry, it is all about what I know–from the inside out–and a lot of what I know comes from my Italian American Heritage.

This is the month we celebrate that heritage (and some other heritages  as well, I know, but I am focusing on mine in this email.

So, I invite you to look at strong Italian American women in American history in my Legacy of Honor series–

Giulia Goes to War

GiuliaGoestoWarCoverArt 2

Letters from Korea



A Bowl of Rice

Secrets of the Heart


Last book in Legacy of Honor Series

And to take a look at my picture books–

Whoosh! (father daughter sled day)


Picture Book by Joan Leotta

and the newest, Summer in a Bowl which celebrates gardening with my Aunt

and cooking with her–her recipe is included in the book!






The wonderful food blogger, Mary Marshall is featuring me on her blog–a review (blush!) and a lovely interview that allows me to talk about the real Aunt Mary



On the Radio, On the Blog Tour

Today the lovely Suzanne Lurience interviewed me on her blogtalk radio show about my new book, Summer in a Bowl. It is also Day Two of my blog tour!

It’s Day Two of the blog tour with The National Writing for Children Center. Just finished an interview iwth the very lovely Suzanne Lieurance, You can hear it on the Center’s blog talk radio tab . You can access my tour topic for today–making and tracking submissions by going to this url

Suzanne is featuring my new book!

Here is the link to Suzanne Lieurance’s blog…for the next five days she is featuring my new book! Thank you Suzanne! Tomorrow, I will be her guest on the radio! Sooooo excited! Tune in and find out why I write for children and why I love talking about books in schools

Meet Author Joan Leotta

And don’t forget – you’re scheduled to be my guest on Book Bites for Kids on blogtalkradio tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 EASTERN. 

Please check it out and share the good news!

Cant get it to stick!


Having some trouble getting my scbwi badge to stick on the site where it should be.

This is an important organization to join if you want to write for children. More on that later–I just created an ad with them that will launch on October 10.



Chapbook Alert!

Only a few days until summer in a bowl..and now more news if food and words

The very talented Elizabeth Maines of Finishing Line Press

Has done a first go for the cover of my chap book 

Languid Lusciousness with Lemon.

To fit better on the cover, we are going with

Languid…with Lemon

I must admit I am extra thrilled because the photo is my work, from one of our trips.. But it was Elizabeths skill that made it workable. Final may differ a bit but oh boy!

The book is available for pre sale now and will be out in January…in time for my birthday!

Thank you to Alice Osborne and Pat Riviere-Seel for reading the poems and writing blurbs for the book and generally encouraging me in poetry…

Many more get kudos in that area too, starting with Sister Anne at Ursuline Academy, on up thru many editors and friends