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Kiddie Lit Trends

Check out this article from Scholastic!


Chinese New Year Telling at Chapin Libraray

Inbox Input

My inbox provides tips on writing, places to market my work, and contests to enter. My inbox also provides more tips on marketing than I can execute–but they are all good ones!

One of the very good email newsletters I receive is John Kremer’s book marketing e-letter. He is doing something called infographics for writers and has done one for a children’s book writer that also serves as a wonderful reminder on the essentials of putting together a picture book–here is the link:

If you want to subscribe to Kremer’s great newsletter, write to him at

Read This Book!

I reviewed Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman for the Sun News (no byline–done under their Reading Corner section)

Here is the link:


Cookie Countdown

My plan for Christmas cookies was interrupted by a long session with our computer expert–I am about to start on the almond crescents. But key tot he plan is not trying to do more in one day than is reasonable for you–better to space out the baking.

Although I made a few that keep well ahead, I waited until the week before–Monday night we made pizzelle–Joe and I.

Monday afternoon was ginger cookies and the dough for ginger cutouts.

Tuesday I made the ginger cut outs. Had a lot of other things to do outside of the house too.

Wednesday–date bars finished before the computer guy came. Now time for the almond crescents.

Tomorrow is pretzel caramel thumb prints.

Friday is for pignoli nut cookies

The list helps me remember what I need to make and to remind me of what I need to have on hand to bake them!

If you want any of the recipes, sign up to follow the blog and ask for the recipes you want in a comment.








Catch up for Monday

check out Karen Chace’s blog to find resources for dealing with children and crisis, helping them to heal.

A Moment of Silence

Friday morning I was working on a deadline. I worked, then went to lunch with some friends, and came back to do my post. Then I heard about the horrible massacre in CT. No post. A moment of silence instead. Sometimes silence is the best response along with quiet prayer, and if you are nearby, a hug.

Writing can help the healing process. For younger children, writing and drawing–let your child write about what happened if he or she is reluctant to speak. Read the writing . Ask questions. Hug a lot. Pray together for the families invovled and the children invovled, those still living as well as those who died.