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Stepping Stones

Below are a list of some of the things I was blessed to publish in 2017–did not count articles and essays that I do on a regular basis. These accomplishments are stepping stones along the path of my writing. I hope they are of help to others in their path!

Have been thinking, praying about how to revive this blog so that it is useful to more people. Tomorrow I will announce the new schedule and new focus!!!

2017 Publications, in addition to articles and essays


January, poems accepted by Indiana Voice Journal, Wild World, Silver Birch

February, Acceptance from Bindweed

March Finishing Line Press released my first chapbook—Languid Lusciousness with Lemon (several of these poems were part of my 30/30). short mystery accepted by Kings River Life

Flash Piece, Cold Snap accepted and won the Literative flash contest

Brass Bell accepted a haiku

Writing in a Woman’s Voice accepted a poem and a flash fiction piece

April Peacock Journal accepted three poems,

Fourth River accepted a poem

May CNF piece, My Grandma Was a Rock Star, ran in Italian American

Short story accepted by Edify

Won first prize in Wilda Morris poetry challenge

June One of my poems  won best in the county and was sent on to state where in the fall it won third in the State (NC)

July Ekphrastic Review published two poems,The Lake accepted one poem, and One poem won third place in the Dancing Poetry Contest

August  Betty Fedora accepted a short mystery, and Snapdragon accepted a poem

September New Ulster Review accepted a poem, Oasis Journal accepted two poems, Whispers accepted a poem

October A short mystery was runner up in a contest in the Lawyerist Magazine , another short story was accepted by Kings River Life and  Ekprahstic published another of my poems.

November  My play Pinpoint Wisdom, accepted by Luray Competition to be produced

December  a poem and a piece of flash fiction accepted by When Women Write, my holiday poem won the Wilda Morris Competition