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Monday is for Doing

I like to start out the week doing the good deeds that God has prepared for me to do.

Can’t always be sure of particular deeds, but I know that if I am putting others in front of me, loving others as we are directed, then my faith is in action and I am probably on the right road. Pass on this example to your children. It’s the best lesson you can give.

So excited! Ben Steelman featured my book today!

Letters from Korea received a positive review from the Wilmington Star News’ reviewer today!

The book is 4.99 on kindle (He said 3.99 which is the price for Giulia Goes to War, the first in the series). I am hard at work on the third volume, Bowl of Rice in the Legacy of Honor series. My publisher is Desert Breeze, a well-respected publisher of ebooks.

Review! Comments!

Comments on Works  in When Women Waken

By Joan Leotta


When Women Waken is a new online journal. These works appeared in its May 2013 issue–I do not have permission to copy the works , but here is what I have to say about them.

Read these and many other outstanding works at


Running with Snakes by Alice Osborn

Admission: I’m a fan of Alice’s work. I found this poem to be the sort of” slice of life that makes you think” poem I love but was a bit confused–her marriage is a snake–are we to think that this walk with a male friend without her husband is another secret, a snake in and of itself since she is on precarious grounds by doing so. She says she avoids the reptile–but does she avoid the emotional snake that awaits her with her own marriage shakey (according to this poem) and his as well? I would have liked more clarity, but perhaps she just wanted to leave us with hidden snakes/questions!




Where the Heart Is by Nettie Thoompson

Flash Fiction. As far as I am concerned, Nettie Thompson has mastered it!!!! The emotions ar eshapr and the story line terrific and amazing. She is victim and then victor! In pieces. Wow! Different ending than just the line above leads us to think and great summary line at the end. Outstanding.

My face is red

No matter how many times I read my book, Letters from Korea, and how many times my editor  and others who have written to me have read it, we all missed one thing–that only my daughter caught.  I name a mountain–in the US–and I gave it the wrong name!!!!!!  Not a “real” error because I have seen this mountain and know where it and the other one are. I have seen the view I describe in the book. For some reason or other I was thinking about the other state and used its Mountain Name.

I guess after writing the wrong mountain once, I continued to read the right mountain into the scene, time after time. I’d feel worse except for the fact that I just caught two big publishers in similar oops! moments.

So, if you find the error,  and leave a comment telling me which mountain goes where, I will send you a copy of my family’s secret tomato sauce recipe–it’s the secret recipe Giulia and Gina use too.

Eating Oats–Yes, not neeiiiiighhhhhhh

So, with the high cholesterol rating I received I am trying to shift to a more healthy lifestyle pattern. Changing to a more oatmeal intensive breakfast is pretty easy to do. I eat Cheerios and mix it with some other cereals, like honey oat cheerios and sometimes Kashi cinnamon harvest. Cinnamon is always a good additive to any carb breakfast because it helps the sugars in the carbs digest less harmfully.

(a shortcut way to talk about what cinnamon does with sugars)

My fave thing is Coach’s Oats–only problem, I have to order them from California because I don’t think my local Costco is handling them anymore.  These are steel cut oats that are cut again–very nice flavor, easy to cook, with water, in the microwave. I use a large pot with vented lid to prevent them from going over–oats bubble a lot in microwave cooking.

And no, I don’t feel like a horse–in fact, I’m hoping to lower my weight and that lowering my weight will have its own good effect on my cholesterol–count this as the Thursday cholesterol report too

no excuses

I simply forgot to post on Monday.

A good lesson for children–no excuses!

Exciting News

Exciting News! Main Street Rag has put Voices from the Porch, it’s dynamite anthology of stories, poems and memories of that authentic southern family and neighborhood icon–the front porch–on sale! Special advance price for those who order soon–ohm did I mention I’m one of the included authors?
Hit this link and get out your credit card–bargain!
Here’s a link: