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Spinning Jenny Review

This review ran on Friday February 5 in the Myrtle Beach Sun News. Along with it there was a call to support the theater’s indigogo campaign! They are revamping a new space and need our help.To donate online, log on to or mail a check to Atlantic Stage, P.O. Box 7402, Myrtle Beach SC 29572.
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Atlantic Stage Company’s “Spinning Jenny.”


For The Sun News

This latest production of Atlantic Stage is a world premiere of the work of their own in-house playwright, Kevin D. Ferguson.

As usual, the scene geniuses at Atlantic Stage have, with a few bold strokes, have built a set that recreates the world of an old-style carnival midway. Dress is contemporary. The two acts move swiftly with only a few plot glitches.

Acting, direction (by Thom Penn) and technical aspects are superior and carry the evening despite those flaws. The Barker (stylishly performed by Jason Adams) tells us, it’s a timeless tale of love and innocence versus greed and lust — everyday fare. Villains Madame Arachne (Leigh Hendrix) and Alfie Lowell (Steve Harley) draw us into the seamy side of this world with deftly honed performances. Harley is definitely in command of the stage each time he steps out onto it.

The young ingénue, Jenny (Shana Meyerand) and her young non-carnival love interest, “Cal” (Mike Kane) also ably ply their craft. We route for them to achieve their dream of pulling Jenny out of her tarnished carnival life to a place of literal and figurative “greener pasture.”

Some of the material in the play is not suitable for young children, although high school age and up will find much to enjoy. With the next play, the company returns to more classical offerings. Try to see this one, an experiment showcasing a local author, while you can.

Tickets range in price from $12.50-$27.50 per seat. The show will run until Feb. 21 with performances at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays through Saturdays and at 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoons. On the first and second Sunday of the run, there is a “talk-back” with the actors after the show, open to all audience members.
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A Peek into the Creative Process

So, I am participating in the Tupelo Press 30/30 again this February.

Each day I will be posting a new poem–obviously these fresh creations have not gone through the usual agonizing revisions that characterize most of my work.

These are raw–amazing what some others do at even the raw stage of art, but for me, this process is a great challenge, a time to have , albeit virtual an increased friendship with other poets. There are nine of us doing this each month and I have bonded with my group of nine already…well some.. and hope to connect with the others as the month goes on.

You can learn all about the project and how to support the work of poets in general by making a contribution to Tupelo Press–in my name if you do it this month, please!

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Keep Trying!

IMG_0225Well, today I just learned that I was short-listed–made it to the top few, in a poetry contest. Sigh. Someone else took home the honors (a very talented young woman!) but this is closer than my last attempt at a large contest. When I started, I was simply not anywhere ont eh list, A few weeks ago my chapbook made it to Honorable Mention and an old  friend from the DC area got first place (so happy for her!).

They used to joke about it being an “honor to simply be nominated” but truthfully, in the world, at least to me, it IS an honor.  I live in an area where there are few ops for reading and critique of my poetry, so I try to find ways to challenge myself and I just keep sending things out! Every time something succeeds, even a little bit, it encourages me to go on, sharing my vision, hope and encouragement for others.


Maybe, I will win a larger award some day–but for now, at least my poems are being read! Here is a photo from my reading in Winston Salem (required an overnight!) where my poem, Jay Feather Day was put on a poster and put up on Trade Street for all the world to read!

So, keep trying! Today I sent out one new poem to Tupelo Press 3030 as a draft to encourage people to donate to the Press, and am preparing another chapbook to send out.

Maybe I will get another rejection, but at least my work is gaining an audience!