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And so it goes–schedules

So, for the month of June I have plans for writing that I hope I will fulfill–

Need to work on two fiction projects in addition to my non fiction work.

Book Three of the Legacy of Honor Series

Revision of Fan Coral and Full Moon


What do you do–do you plan? Share comments if you care to.

Food, Glorious Food!

In Italian, Cin Cin means “cheers”. It is also the name of a restaurant in Palermo–not to be missed. Owner was raised in Baton Rouge so he knows the American preferences but blends that with the Sicilian specialties of western Sicily. My fave was the spaccatelli with a kind of Pesto made from pistachios, basil, oil, cheese and with cherry tomatoes! Wow!

We found the spaccatelli and I brought back a kilo–now I need to try to duplicate the recipe.

Pictures of great food will be posted on Pinterest



Would you like to see more photos in my posts? Esp in the food posts?

Some advice for Friday and two contests

Taking advice–always a good idea, esp when it is good advice!

A group I belong to on mystery writing posted this link to good advice from a former cop on setting up crime scenes in your stories–hey, it’s a fellow blogger on wordpress!

Nice article by a former cop on Crime Scenes: The Do’s And Don’ts.



Sleuths’ Ink presents “WHODUNNIT?” Put on your Colombo trench coat and
write a 700-word mystery. Prizes. Deadline is approaching.
Entries must be received before May 31st to be eligible for prizes.

Who’s thinking about Halloween in May? I am! I need submissions.

down to see description and boss cover)

We’re publishing an anthology of
mystery stories set during Halloween, MY “most wonderful time of the year”.
Paranormal elements are acceptable as long as they are in keeping with the
Halloween theme and the central story is a mystery. We’re seeking stories that
are 4000 – 8000 words in length. Query about reprints. We will accept multiple
submissions, but not simultaneous submissions.

Open submission period:
April 20 – July 15th, 2013.

Please see our Guidelines and Payment page
for further information on the rights we ask for and the compensation we offer.
The latter includes a $5 advance on royalties.

for your time,

Sarah E. Glenn


You may bring home scarves and ceramics–ok, so did I, from your trip to Italy but I also came home with three packages of pasta–all cuts that are difficult and in one case impossible to find here.

Trofie are available in specialty stores as is squid ink pasta. I bought these in specialty stores. But it is the package (I kilo large) we got from a grocery store that excites me most-spaccatelli–a cut bucatelli pasta, not just cut short, but slit down the middle, A die cut pasta, this shape holds the sauce in a whole new way. Tried it at Cin Cin, a great restaurant in Palermo and hunted for it all over until another person on our trip found it in a grocery store for me. It’s made by Proia,a Sicilian pasta maker. Saw their plant outside of Catania on our way to the airport. My pictures and this pasta are my fave recordi from this trip, by far. Pic will follow.

PS Cin Cin is a GREAT place to dine



Review of Book on edible flowers

Review of Book on edible flowers

Review of cookbook ‘Flowers on the Table’

The idea of flowers on the plate as edibles is not a new one but it is gaining momentum in the foodie community. 

Monday, May  6, 2013 at 12:00 AM




Hi! We are back from a family vacation. That’s why I didn’t post–due to some unforeseen problems, I was without internet most of the time. Many of you are planning a family vacations right now. I urge you to include the children in the process of deciding location, what to do and when to go. All of this makes the time together much more fun. Our daughter suggested this trip to Sicily. We were happy to make the trip to watch her discover that part of her heritage. My sister-in-law came along–Jennie’s godmother–making it even more of a family occasion. We ate a lot of gelato, a lot of pasta, a lot of fish, many pastries and did a lot of walking. Wonderful!!!! Hope your trip goes as well and that when your children are adults they will still want to be with you when they relax at the beach, in the mountains, on a cruise or abroad.

See my upcoming food blogs for more information on what we ate! (Wednesdays)