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Late for Friday but worth looking at

Sorry about being late–but I do want to share these new resources with you!

These sights have a lot of good information for writers looking for resources on where to publish short stories.

I’ve discovered some websites for short story sales–wanted to share them with all of you:


and if you have ever lived abroad, this one might work for you



Plus this set of social media tips for authors–check the link

Sweet Potato Pie


My friend Johanna Wilson sent me a gift basket of Glory Foods to try and I still have one more to try!

A few weeks ago, I tried the canned sweet potatoes to make sweet potato pie and took it to our Church Dinner –lots of native North and South Carolinians there to see how well I did. Most of them are familiar with Glory foods. Those south of the Carolina border–and farther south were appalled that I found the canned product sweet enough and so used regular evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk,, and that I only added a bit of cinnamon and 1 T of molasses to the mix –Those of us from North Carolina and Virginia and farther north found the less sweet version plenty sweet enough–

The product itself, the canned sweet potato, was a pleasure to use. Had a lovely whipped texture right out of the can and a delightful cinnamon aroma. Would I buy it and use it again–a resounding yes!  But, sorry folks at Glory recipes, my family likes the less sweet adaptations I make.


Chicken Fried Fish

Chicken Fried Fish

Haddock made “chicken fried” style cooked by my dear husband Joe!

Good news to share about Alley !

My friend is a finalist in the Dole Cooke–off
Here is a note from her publicist
Murrells Inlet, SC, June 24, 2013 — Murrells Inlet resident, food and lifestyle blogger, Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips ( has won a coveted spot as the Eastern finalist in the 5th Annual Dole California Cook-off. The Dole California Cook-off has become a renowned food competition where home chefs submit original recipes and are chosen based on the best use of DOLE products. This event will be held in Santa Monica, California on Saturday June 29th. Each year thousands of cooks enter for the coveted chance to compete in the Dole California Cook-Off and only three finalists nationwide are chosen. The chosen finalists are flown to Los Angeles where they prepare and present their dish to a panel of judges led by renowned celebrity chef, Ben Ford, along with a live audience at Santa Monica Place to cheer them on. Last year’s event was attended by over 55,000 fans and the grand prize winner took home $10,000. The winner is chosen based on on the Best Use of DOLE Products Creativity of Presentation, and Flavor & Taste. This year’s cash prize has increased to a $25,000 purse. “This is a high-roller’s contest with thousands of entrees and only three finalists nationwide. My competitors are seasoned food competition winners, “ says Alice D’Antoni Phillips. “It makes me realize that I am in the big league of food competition. I’m going there to win”

Rainy Day

So, what do you do on a rainy day in the summer? These are sort of like snow days in winter because they often require a complete restructuring of family plans. Do you think this is an opportunity to discover new fun? Or do you despair over the need to change?

Your reaction is both an example to your children and a guide to how they should handle changes–adversity or opportunity–and a time to cultivate positive attitudes in your children and even in yourself. Also, it’s a time to remember, whatever the circumstances around you, if you are with loved ones, each nanosecond is precious.

Practical–stay armed with paper, pencils, crayons.

Have books on hand in case the power goes out–and flashlights.

bring out the old sheets to make tents over chairs.



Put on a play together.

Rain is good for plants–set out some pots and seeds.

Make paper boats.

Draw pix of animals enjoying the rain.

Music to My Ears

Actually, spoken word! Several storytellers of great repute and talent that exceeds their reputation have banded together to form a CD label for spoken word under the aegis of the CD company that produced their CDs. This is a wonderful occurrence! Not only does it promote their work (which deserves promotion) but it elevates the craft of story performance to a higher plane. Now we have a company that is interested in our art, that really wants us–well, not all of us. But we have recognition. So, if you see the RoadCandy label, know that it represents, not rock music, not candy, but story performance of the highest quality!

Here is the note I received from Linda Goodman:Road Candy Records has finally launched,
featuring storytellers Bil Lepp, Andy Offutt Irwin, Pete Griffin, Kaye Byrnes,
Anthony Burcher, Linda Goodman, Carrie Sue Ayvar, and Kim Weitkamp. Want to know
more? Go to


Father’s Day is not over

Officially Father’s Day was yesterday but in reality Father’s Day is never over. we should celebrate the people we love each and every day. I miss my Dad’s physical presence sometimes but I have such stores of love in my heart from our everyday interactions that I will never run out of “hugs” from him.

So, if you are a Dad, make time for your little one. If you have a Dad, find time to honor him. If you are the mom, find ways to help your child honor his/her Dad and for your husband to spend time alone doing fun things with the children.

Then take some time for a Mom Dad-husband wife date–a strong relationship between Mom and Dad is the foundation of good Dad (and good Mom) time with the children.