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Hummus Taste Test

As a part of my research for the article in today’s Sun News, I conducted a taste test with two of our friends and my husband on the products supplied by Hummusphere. Because our local Fresh Market does not yet carry the product, I gave only a few brief snippets of their comments in the article and am typing the fuller results here.

Lee Adams

Black Bean… Very good, tasty with smoke

Black Bean with jalapeno…also very good, delayed heat

Thai coconut curry….very tasty very differnt taste

Roasted red pepper..better than sabra, smokey makes it better

Tradition..also very good, gets better as you eat more

I would buy all of these because I like the smokey flavor. It makes them different. Thai was my fave

Maureen Adams

Black bean..too much acid up front and cumin

Black bean jalapeno.. too spicy

Thai…not enough flavor..what flavor there is does not stay on tongue

red pepper…not enough flavor

classic…best of all but lacks fat, full taste

I prefer my own hummus

Joe Leotta

Black Bean..tasty mostly tastes like bean, no other flavor

black bean jalapeno…smooth, delayed heat…not sure heat adds

Thai…strange after taste…heat does not add positive to taste

red pepper…tasty,

traditional…well rounded , lemon just right(I don’t like lemon a lot) Best of them all

I would buy it if price is same as others on the market


I had to refrain from Thai due to food allergies. I did not care for the smoked flavor, tho the traditional and red pepper were ok. I found them all a bit too “thin” for my liking. I like a thicker product.

Storytelling Fun

Tough Moment for the bad guy during my storytelling performance at the Northeast Branch of the New Hanover County Libraries August 10, 2015

IMG_2783 telling at northeast lib aug 10 2015

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My interview with Raquel Reyes includes a remembrance of my visit to Miami with my beloved Grandma. Look forward to visiting again soon!
Raquel is a fellow poet 

Here is the link
Thank  you, Raquel
Raquel Reyes

Twitter: @writerRVR

Facebook: /CozyinMiami

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Red Face

I made a book club appearance in Raleigh yesterday. I put it on Facebook, I notified my book club by email–but I forgot to note it on my blog–oh dear!!!

Wonderland book club in Raleigh hosted me yesterday! Thanks to Alice Osborn and all who attended. Tho the photo is of short story book, we discussed Secrets of the Heart.
Thanks again, everyone!

Alice Osborn's photo.