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no food–but remembering Kudzu

Seal of approval to Kudzu pepper bread

Seal of approval to Kudzu pepper bread

Joe can’t eat today –he is preparing for a procedure tomorrow. I am getting over a flu so I am not eating much, but let me highlight a product we have come to love–Kudzu Bakery Pepper Bread–I am also a fan of their almond lace cookies. But it is the bread that is my fave product so far–Here is the bread getting my “seal” of approval

More kvetching

about myself. preparing a short story for a contest. took one more look at the specs—ack!!!! It is a three part contest–fiction section already closed!

I will continue with my story and find another place to enter it but yikes! I wish I had red more carefully in the first place.

Lesson learned.

Also re-checked the specs on a poetry contest., Realized the last two poems I sent had lines that were too long–so, they were kicked out before even being judged on merit–sigh! Sent one in yesterday at the right length etc–at least I will know that if this one is rejected it is because it was not a good fit on merit, not on simple, silly size /length of the lines!

Recipes from the Abruzzo

I know I promised more on Kudzu bakery’s pepper bread today but I need to do this post first. Abruzzo region of Italy is diverse–mountains and sea and offers a unique rustic yet refined cuisine. Course in Abruzzo region on cookery are available through this British site–they also post recipes here–courgettes are zucchini, other words are a bit different.

Check it out!


When the day starts grey

Right now the sky is blue. I’m trying to get back into work mode after a week having fun seeing my cousins and our daughter. Not a good start to the day when the sky is dark. So, what to do to amp up my creativity? A walk. Doing something for someone else, and then simply setting a goal and getting down to business. I do have a carrot out there for myself–a new-to-me novel.

How does this apply to children? These same techniques work for them. Have the goal of never hearing your children say they are bored. Always have little projects (fun ones) they can do and good deeds ready for them to do–making cards for others, cheering a sick friend with a call, picking flowers for a friend.. you name it.



Had another post in mind today but instead am sharing something personal. Had an offer from a wonderful small press this week to publish my short stories but for several reasons decided not to accept. No remorse because it was not right for me, but like a broken engagement, still to mourn and to wonder—will the right one come along?


One new ingredient

BLT bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich with a smear of mayo–delightful. I should have taken a photo of ours tonight, but I ate it before I thought of taking a photo!

The new ingredient was the pepper bread from the Kudzu bakery in Myrtle Beach on 17 business near 72nd. It’s a yellow challah style soft bread with black pepper running through it. Toasts up marvelously. We used the premium, buy by the slice bacon from Lowe’s grocery and wow was it good–tomatoes were yellow heritage. Lettuce– plain head lettuce. Mayo brand–Hellman’s. Have done all of those things before in a BLT. The new addition is that wonderful bread.

Summer Fun

Summer is such a wonderful time in childhood.

Give them books. Take them to the library. Let them play outside. Give them paper, pencils and crayons to make their own entertainment.

No boredom allowed. Summer has so many wonderful possibilities for the person willing to explore outer and inner life.

Form for your Substance

Mary De Santis, a fellow writer from Wilmington NC, posted this and gave me permission to share:


This should answer format questions for those who have them. Formatting is a real pain in the neck for me and often means hours of work I do not enjoy, sort of like cleaning up after a large party, but if I want my work to be read, whether it is proper formatting for a contest, for a publisher, for self-publishing, it is necessary.


King of Cheese

We are southern Italian in origin. My husband’s family is form Sicily and mine is from Abruzzo (my dad) and Naples/Salerno and Calabria (my mom’s side). What does  that have to do with parmiggiano reggiano, the king of cheese? It means we do not really us it that often. We prefer pecorino romano,  as the go-to grated cheese for topping pasta, using in recipes, etc.

This quote from Italian Days Food Experience FB (out of Bologna Italy, in the North) page has an important point about food in Italian life–it all owes its greatness to the intersection of human input with the basic elements. This perfect pairing of the human element with all elements around it is what makes Italy great, Italian food so superb, and Italian art (drama, poetry, writing, visual arts, music) so terrific.

Parmigiano Reggiano is the King of Italian cheese, produced since the 1200. Parmigiano Reggiano is part of the history, tradition and hard work of the people who create it. What makes Parmigiano Reggiano special is the all important human factor. This cheese owes its unique qualities to the co-operation between the milk producer and the cheese maker, who transforms the milk into the cheese and looks after the maturing process. BUY IT NOW!



Have not been on top of my “game” for the past few days. The rain has worked hard to wash out my usual good spirits and any incentive to work. Have forced myself to work on a few projects, but in truth I am very much behind on everything. I had a lovely draft prepared on what to do on rainy days but felt like a hypocrite  about posting it–I usually do welcome the occasional rainy day and am quite productive, but this past sequence of rain–it’s like the whole world is in mourning.
What to do if you feel this way? Share your real feelings with your children and maybe together you can brainstorm a list of things to be thankful for that will cheer you up together.