Monthly Archives: June 2017

a little mystery

Annual Meeting, my flash fiction mystery runs in Kings River Life on June 3!

Purposeful use of lower case to emphasize how “little” the mystery is. I wrote a flash fiction mystery for a class, revised it, sent it out and Lori Ham has picked it up in King River. It will run, as I noted, in the June 3 issue. Thank you, Lori!

Look for my Ad!

Did you catch my ad on WOW? Or someplace else? If you purchase a copy of any one of my picture books this month, please tell me where you found out about the book, send me a copy of your receipt and I will enter you into a drawing to win one of the other four (my choice of book) in paper or eform (kindle, bn, other) according to the format you purchased.

email me at: with your receipt!