For the past several months I have struggled with finding mystery magazine editors, let alone those willing to be interviewed for the blog.

I am trying to decide if it is worth it to continue this blog. But, in the meantime, in a time of social distancing, when a lot of people are cooking at home, I am starting a blog today that will give (at least one version) of recipes for the foods mentioned in the Inspector Montalbano series of books. There will be no quotes from the books since I have no official permissions, but I am re-reading the books in order and presenting recipes from the books in order. No set time sequencing for the books, and if your fmaily recipe differs from the one I give–please give yours! Every Italian/Sicilian household cooks a bit differntly. (I may also throw in some advice from the Decameron now and again)

Mangia bene…stay safe in this time of pandemic.

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