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Participating in Rhyme Time

Hippity -Hop!

Yes, Easter is coming! In addition to celebrating this most holy day in a reverent way,

we also celebrate the joy of the day with special foods and of course,k traditions of chocolate and Easter baskets.

This year I am also celebrating with some author friends–we all have books that feature a scene of Easter. My book , Secrets of the Heart, features a scene in part two where the family that did not emigrate meets with the family that did–in ROME! At Easter!  Tune in on March 24, (for me at 7:00) , earlier and a bit later to catch the others.

Just log onto this facebook page to come to the party, enter the contests, talk with the authors (including me!)




Here is the roster:

for March 24–there will be plenty of party favors and virtual food! Times are Easter Daylight Savings

6:00 pm Tamera Lynn Kraft
6:30 pm Jericha Kingston
7:00 pm Joan Leotta
7:30 pm Darlene Franklin
8:00 pm Wanda Porter
8:30 pm Amber Schamel

Thank-you—Poem UP!

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, ok, not so much for that, but to celebrate!

My work is now live on Bindweed at:

Ok, this is a chive flower, not a crocus, but I could not find my crocus picture!!!!!!

Hugs to all


Teachers Can and Do

I always hated, and never believed,  that old chestnut that teachers are people who cannot actually do what they teach–nonsense! Teachers are those who share with us the technology (so to speak) of the art or craft  they have fallen in love with. They want to share with us what they love, share the how-to and the mystery of it.

They become educators when they draw out of us our desires to pursue a field to the limit of our ability, usually thanks to their support, inspiration, and ministrations of technique and method.

As a working journalist, story performer and more I want to share with others what I have learned and to inspire others to follow their dreams in whatever field they desire–esp in

writing and story performance. Yep, I talk and write for audiences. It’s that simple!

This month I have had the opportunity to be a teacher and to share my love of these two modes of communication on Donna Washington’s Blog, in Ruby for Women Magazine (writing only in that one. March starts a three-part series for those who want to get started in writing) and here, on this blog by reminding you that I have two new publications out this month–My children’s book, Rosa’s Shell and my book of poems, Languid Lusciousness with Lemon.

PS Today the site has one of my writings up as the prose winner of their winter contest!

Do check it out!

I’m happy to come and and talk to your school or group about writing (for adults, for children, poetry) story performance (or to give a story performance!)

Please do contact me and let me know if you would like me to come! Those who do, if they are fortunate enough also share what they know by teaching!


Summer in a Bowl

Chrissy, the manager of Hickman Crossroads Library invited me to read Summer in a Bowl at a

img_2570 lunch meeting with soup (the soup from the book). I did and also explained about he making of the book and all about the real Aunt Mary.

They also were interested in Rosa and the Red Apron and my other work–what a lovely day!

Friends of the library made treats and more than twenty –in fact, almost thirty, area folks came to hear about the books. Thank you everyone!!!