About Joan

For as long as I can remember I have been a writer and a performer. The joy of doing what I love as a profession came to be when in 1982 I left my job at the Department of Labor to stay home with my children. At home with them I began my own business as a writer for local papers in Washington, DC , magazines, and more.

After taking Jennie and Joe to see a storytelling show at Wolf Trap I realized I wanted to do that too, so I took a course at the Kennedy Center, read all I could about story performance, joined the local and national professional groups, watched, told tales and learned. After volunteering as a teller, my son’s preschool hired me to tell and so I began my dual career of writing and telling. Each facet is still equally important to me.

In each side of my creativity I seek to serve an audience, produce and present material respectfully, entertain and edify. It is my sincere hope that my performance, whether on stage or on paper, blesses you, my audience.
Reading my Poetry at Barbee Library

I will come to your school or group as a writer or as a performer. Please contact me at joanleotta@atmc.net or call 910-575-0618

Storytelling at Hickman Library , Calabash, NC

Storytelling at Hickman Library , Calabash, NC

2 responses to “About Joan

  1. Barbara Tapping

    Thanks for sharing your love of writing with me. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on my past life. Barbara Tapping

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  2. Just wanted you to know I used your piece ‘Dreaming of the River Styx’ for the Red Wolf Poems Prompt this week. Which was ‘Talk Back to a Poem’ from one of the poems in the second issue of Red Wolf Journal.


    I did post a link to your piece in the journal. Thank you.

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