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A Book Review -Little Book of Book Making

So, I signed up to do reviews for two different sites. Chose the book below, a good book, but I am not doing anymore. Free books–nice but I am too busy to do a good job consistently.
This is a one time thing, folks!
Little Book of Bookmaking
Potter Craft New York
By Charlotte Rivers
Review by Joan Leotta

This is not a book for beginners. This is a comprehensive, well thought out guide to creating books from your own paper. It’s not about the printing of words on paper. Rather, it demonstrates many ways of folding and presenting words and pictures on a page, grouped into what we call a book. The idea is to create something truly beautiful and handmade to complement the efforts of a writer or visual artist. Presentation is part of the effort as far as these crafts people are concerned.

There are covers made from wood, directions for hand stitching, folding pages and wonderful examples of handmade books from artisans all over the world.

Of course, the complete list of materials and terms, the thorough and clear directions accompanied by pictures–these things make the book an excellent gift for a budding book artist. A high school or college level art teacher could easily pass this book around the classroom as inspiration for art projects that combine words and visual art–even if that visual is simply the book itself.

What makes it step above the ordinary art instruction book is the international flavor of the examples, with clear credit to the artists cited. The international flavor of the ideas contained is a true picture of how much we need to see and appreciate other cultures. A wonderful book for the artist, a wonderful lesson for the human and the artist in all of us.

Another poem–why republish an old poem?

A wonderful market opportunity for writers is Righter publications. They take previously published and it offers you a chance to widen your audience for that piece if they accept. Readers. That’s what it is all about.

A poem of mine will go live in Righterpublications,com on September 1
I have one in the August issue as well.

This September poem, which has appeared in print elsewhere, is about apple picking in upstate New York.
Hope you enjoy it.

Learning from Others

Thought I would share this link. I am either late or early with this blog post, depending on how you calculate it all.

Remember Kennywood’s Carousel?

I loved that carousel.

and the one at the Smithsonian Mall

well, every carousel I’ve ever seen. So, I put that into an essay and it will soon by published by kindofahurricanepress:

“Your flash piece, Carousel Ride, has been accepted for the anthology, Life is a Roller Coaster. If you have not already provided it, please forward me your most recent bio by Friday, September 5, 2014. You will be receiving a free electronic copy of the anthology. In addition, print copies will be available for purchase. I will contact you again when both become available.”

Amy Huffman and April Salzano


Sorry, due to illness (migraines) I have been negligent of you, my dear readers. Since feeling better, I’ve been hard at work on two wonderful new projects.

Book Four in my Desert Breeze Series and a collection of my short stories that will be published by Cane Hollow Press this fall.

Food and Food for Thought

So, this morning when I went to check for the link to the online version of my two stories in this AM’s

Sun News, I saw they had also already posted the article that will go in Friday’s kicks!

Here are the three:

Book  Review, Ancient Grains

Article on Grilled Pizza

Review of Second Cup for Friday Kicks section

So, where Is the food for thought? Blabbermouth Blog. Linda, who writes that blog is running a contest on YA. I can’t enter it, no time right now for this, still pushing on Book Four of my Legacy of Honor, (held up due to illness) but I noted in her challenge there is great advice for anyone writing, YA!

Check it out!





Everything is fodder for a writer, even buying veggies.
Check out my story, Collards on the Corner,
In Today!
Hope you enjoy it.