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Five Lessons Learned

Polishing one’s writing can be a lonely affair.

1. Enlist the aid of others–a writing critique group or even a good friend you trust. Sometimes simply reading aloud to yoruself helps, but when there is an audience, one’s own revision instincts sharpen.

2. Listen to comments on your specific piece., Evaluate, edit in light of those comments, but do not slavishly follow–trust your own creative instincts.

3. Listen to comments made to and by others. Yesterday comments made to another reminded me  that  the words “appear” and “seem” weaken everyone’s writing

4. Repeats are not necessary unless you have a distinct purpose for them. Mindlessly repeating words is redundancy and irritates readers. Repeating for emphasis awakens readers to your intent.

5. Write for your readers not just for yourself. Journals are for self-directed writing. All else should be selfless.

Easter Food Traditions

In our house, Easter is for lamb–symbolic and for taste. we all love lamb.

This Sunday Joe will be grilling American lamb (it’s the best!) from a local butcher. I’ll marinate it first in olive oil, wine, and Italian herbs.

Tho the traditional Italian way is to serve it over roasted potatoes, we will do mashed, peas and rosemary, and artichokes–stuffed if I can find nice ones, baked hearts if there are no nice ones.

Dessert will be simple since there are just two of us this year–sfogliatelle from a bakery and fruit.


Tuesday Potpourri

Today I’ll be working on a couple of book reivews–one on Voiceovers for this blog, and another three for the Sun News.

Am working on another reivew for this blog on cooking for diabetics. Will be using some of the recipes this week or next.

Eleven years ago this was our son’s last day of consciousness. He was hit by a car on March 26 around 9:30 in the evening on VA Tech campus by a girl goign home from her night class. He went to hospital where he died on March 30. This is a tough week for my husband, daughter and me. Please keep us in prayer. It’s even worse this year because allt eh days are the same day of the week and it is also Passover and Easter—as it was in 2002

Blessings to all of you


Check out this link!

Check out this link!

Sorry to have skipped

Migraine interference. Will not post again until Wednesday March 20

Sign of the Times? Tuesday special

An additional Post

Emblematic Poetry–I jsut discovered it today! It’s been around ince Victorian times. They were the first to use lettes and initials in writing–LOL! Yep 2cool!

In addition, the poems are like concrete poetry except that the shape must contribute to the sense of the poem: “When a poem is laid out in such a way as to create a visual image which coincides with the subject or thematic content of the poem” accordign to a definition. A fellow Desert Breeze author, Barri, has an emblematic poem on her blog today.

So, we see the short, writing, the shaped writing, as a sign of our times, but it is merely a revival of something old! Enjoy!

Monday–Time Well Spent

Many of your children are on spring break. Don’t hassle about what to do, how to keep them busy and all of that. Just try to spend more time with them even if it is simply making dinner together, reading together, watching a fave tv show or movie at home. Time together with your children is priceless–for both parent and child.