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What a Day!

It’s not even ten am yet and already I have been hard at work on the computer, but am not yet dressed!

First thing–saw that Silver Birch has posted my poem What we took with us when we moved, as a part of their moving day series–warning, this one is sad.

Then, I opened my gmail account and there were the page proofs for Summer in a Bowl!!!!
Amazing work by the artist Rebecca Zeissler.
Countdown to publication day of September 30!!!!!!
You can order the book now , pre-order on THEAQLLC, Amazon and BN
Those who pre-order before the launch date of September 30 can email me a copy of the receipt and be in a drawing to win a copy (signed) of the first book in the series, WHOOSH!
There is a recipe in the back of this one and gardening tips

Progress Report

Working with editors already on the next two Rosa books! With the expert help of Heather at THEAQLLC we have made Rosa’s Red Apron into a better story–about helping in the kitchen now

Rosa’s shell, just needed a bit of tweaking.

The illustrator assigned to these books, Rebecca Zeissler is such a talented woman! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for readers!


But in between writing press releases and blogs and articles for the Sun News and I still write poetry and short stories and am revising a novel for YA

Here is some news on that front (poetry in this case)

So excited. Very thankful to Matt Warren of the Ghazal Page for accepting my poem, Sunset at the Beach for an upcoming issue and to Jacinta White of Snapdragon for Accepting Moon Flower into that magazine’s September issue


Never Done

A writer’s work is never done!

I am busy working on PR, blog hops etc for Summer in a Bowl and also at the same time working on poems, my usual quota of articles, and coordinating with my publisher on revisions in the texts of the NEXT TWO Rosa books–Rosa and the Red Apron and Rosa’s Shell


Heather Zeissler of THEAQLLC has been wonderful to work with.

If you want me to come to your school to talk about the process of writing picture books or  to talk to your group about how I got started writing picture books, just email me at




Great News!

Pre-order now to be one of the first on your block to have a copy of Summer in a Bowl!

Contest coming !

Release date is September 30. Pre-orders now on, coming soon on BN and Amazon!



My Poetry Olympic Run

The Poetry Marathon  [correct]

How to get the sticker to stick???

I cannot get the sticker that says I am an SCBWI member to stick to my site!!!


On the Fiona McVie post–you have to cut and paste the url to arrive at the link

it seems that wordpress does not want to make the entire link live so when you click you are just clicking on part of it! Well, I tried to fix it, but just in case……