Monday is for Creativity

Mondays do not always feel creative. Take a sheet of paper. Think of everything you can make with it–make–not write.

We mostly think of paper as a carrier of ideas—for visual art and for writing. Paper can be cut into sculptures, ripped into mosaic pieces, folded, used to wrap things, cut, or folded into bookmarks, made into a cup, a box, a paper crane (all through folding). Try it.

Challenge your little ones later this afternoon. They will be tired from school, wishing the weekend had lasted longer, and maybe cranky–if so, wait until after a snack! After the challenge send them outside to play. Challenge yourself and your children daily, to make the simple into complex, transform the plain and ordinary into something elegant.

Working with hands, goes to the heart and then flows back in better math and reading skills .

One response to “Monday is for Creativity

  1. I love the idea of doing this simple experiment to invigorate creativity. Sometimes I get so focused on writing that I forget NOT writing is sometimes the best thing I can do to boost my creativity.


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