The Real Aunt Mary



aunt-mary-1Tomorrow I am giving a reading of Summer in a Bowl to a local library group–the librarian is making the soup recipe in the back of the book.

I thought you might all like to meet the real Aunt Mary whose  soup-making inspired the book. The little girl she is with is my older cousin, Diane…but we do look alike, so I probably looked a lot like that when I watched Aunt Mary make soup! The photo was taken in our Grandmother’s back yard.



Historical fiction applies the “what-if” to the past and comes up with fun ideas plots and stories.
CarolineWarfield is hosting me on her blog today–a few tips on writing history from me.


Today, one of my poems about food is being featured on Angela Topping’s set of posts on the coziness factor or hygge as “they”
call it:

Performance Coming Up

Come and hear me perform at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum, then stay to hear me give a talk on ekphrastic story telling, Saturday February 4, 2017

Franklin G. Burroughs – Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum
3100 S. Ocean Blvd | Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Scheduled Events
dragon parade with Mint Hill Kung Fu School (11:00) | Lion Wakes Up opening ceremony with Mint Hill (11:10) | storytelling with Joan Leotta (11:30) | Tai Chi demonstration (12:00) | vegetable carving with Eric Wagner and Nan Black (12:30) | musical performances with singing group and on hulusi (Chinese gourd flute), erhu (Chinese fiddle) and guzheng (Chinese zither) (1:00) | “Why the Soldier Smiled” talk with Joan Leotta (1:15) | ice sculpture demonstration with Eric Wagner (1:30) | Chi Gong demonstration with Jimmy Revell (2:00) | acupuncture talk with Jennifer M. Kiser, L.Ac. (2:15) | martial arts demonstration with Mint Hill (2:30) | Lion Goes to Sleep closing ceremony with Mint Hill (3:00)


Angela Topping is doing a series on hygge and included my Poem!

My Poem, Some Seek the Fire is up today on Angela Topping’s site in her collection of poems on hygge:…/hygge-feature-12-ba…/…
Thank you, Angela!

Two Poems Up Today!


They illustrated it nicely too–stay tuned to this place for a couple of book reviews coming and an opportunity for free books and appearances!

New Food Article Today

Be sure to check out my article in today’s Sun News!


also my review of a cookbook with gluten free appetizer options!