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What did you charge for that? Nothing??? What was it worth?

As a writer, I rarely write for free unless it is to publicize¬†my book or the work of a friend–occasionally, a poem or story that has not been picked up for pay slips into a free mag because I want readers.

As a performer, I am often ASKED TO PERFORM WITHOUT CHARGE. That is a different matter. Here , in the world of performance, I often donate a performance for a worthy cause, to serve my community, to serve children, to serve (in the case of a workshop I am doing locally this winter) the cause of introducing children to performing and writing.

I have learned to pick causes and venues I love, that please me because I have learned that often, agreeing to perform free means you are not valued. That does not matter (in the case of the library workshop, they DO value me–in fact, so much I am humbled since I feel it is beyond my worth). I have to value what I am doing and the experience , That is the criteria–why? SO I can be a cheerful giver.

So, send your nine-year olds to Hickman Library in Calabash NC Tuesdays , starting Feb 12 to get an introduction to how to read, write, and read your own poetry.  I will be leading more than teaching, along with Amy Duncan one of the very talented and committed librarians who works there.

Our goal for those who come? To enjoy poetry and to see the library as a place for fun!

And it’s free!!! Why free? Because we hope that it will be beyond price!