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Wednesday is food day

So, Tuesday Feb 4 we were in Wilmington getting our car serviced. Wilmington NC has a number of great places to have lunch–several of them near our dealer. Liz Biro, food maven of Wilmington, has recommended several I want to try. Unfortunately, we cannot get past Taste of Italy. We absolutely love the specialty¬† sandwiches there and the small deli and the wonderful homey atmosphere that reminds us both of childhood places –for Joe in upstate NY, for me, in Pittsburgh. I always order the pepper and egg wedge–he always orders the Italian beef wedge.

We can only eat half–we save the second half for the next day–but wow–such excellence. I guess I would have to be in Wilmington several days in a row to make it out to another lunch spot.

In the meantime, Taste of Italy calls my name.