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Write What You Know

From the very first, and no matter what the over topic of my fiction and poetry, it is all about what I know–from the inside out–and a lot of what I know comes from my Italian American Heritage.

This is the month we celebrate that heritage (and some other heritages  as well, I know, but I am focusing on mine in this email.

So, I invite you to look at strong Italian American women in American history in my Legacy of Honor series–

Giulia Goes to War

GiuliaGoestoWarCoverArt 2

Letters from Korea



A Bowl of Rice

Secrets of the Heart


Last book in Legacy of Honor Series

And to take a look at my picture books–

Whoosh! (father daughter sled day)


Picture Book by Joan Leotta

and the newest, Summer in a Bowl which celebrates gardening with my Aunt

and cooking with her–her recipe is included in the book!





Hat Trick! Persistence PAYS!

My story,

Last book in Legacy of Honor Series

Last book in Legacy of Honor Series

Collection of short stories by Joan Leotta

Collection of short stories by Joan Leotta

Picture Book  by Joan Leotta

Picture Book
by Joan Leotta

will be published in Indiana Voice–but that is not part of my personal Hat Trick for this summer. This summer, three BOOKS of mine have or will come out–in both real paper form (or hardback!) and in e-form. (two)

The last of my Legacy of Honor series, tracking the generations of an Italian American family serving our country in four wars, Secrets of the Heart is out.

Simply a Smile, a collection of my short stories (many award winners) is now available as well!

Both of these are on AMAZON.COM


cut and paste the above link to find them.

In August, the last of my three summer loves, will be out

WHOOSH! available now for pre-order from TheaQ.com, is a picture book that shows the joys of a close father daughter bond, displayed on a father daughter sledding day in heavy snow.

This publisher was very receptive to my idea–for years I was approaching publishers who wanted trendy, quirky with this tale and was rebuffed. Finally, TheaQ in Minnesota understood my vision and liked the book! They chose a very talented illustrator and I can;t wait to see the hard cover version of the book!


Here is the bio for the Indiana Magazine

Joan Leotta has been playing with words on page and stage since childhood. In addition to her work as an award-winning journalist, short story writer, author, poet and essayist, Joan performs folklore and one-woman shows on historic figures. Her four books of historical fiction (Legacy of Honor series) are available from Desert Breeze Publishing and on Amazon.com along with her newly released collection of short stories, Simply a Smile, (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_11?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=joan+leotta&sprefix=joan+leotta%2Caps%2C366). Her first picture book, Whoosh! (about a father and young daughter’s day out sledding) can be pre-ordered from TheaQ.com and will be released August 2015.After a lifetime in snowier climes, Joan now lives in Calabash, NC where she walks the beach with husband Joe. She collects shells, pressed pennies and memories. www.joanleotta.wordpress.com and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joan-Leotta-Author-and-Story-Performer/188479350973


My Father, WWII Vet

If my Dad had lived, he would have been 103 this year. He became a citizen at age 21, having arrived in this country at age 11 with his parents. He was 33 when as an unmarried man he was drafted in 1943. He left his business, had to sell it as a loss, and went to serve his adopted country. Her served in the Pacific and rarely said anything about his service. Once he said he had helped liberate a hospital formerly held by the Japanese and that what he saw was awful. Yet, years later he was able to say we cannot hold the people responsible for what is done in war. He would have loved the story Unbroken and its theme of forgiving enemies. He would have enjoyed meeting my Japanese friends, who I met through helping at an ESL class.

Today is a time when we remember those who fought for freedom. Let’s also remember that war is awful and we all have a need to heal the wounds war leaves.

Thinking About the Unthinkable-the role of art

A friend and I are dialoguing about war. She is living in a war zone. We are sharing our thoughts on the subject via poetry, one email at a time. An outlet for her and for me. She is living in a war zone, I live in a hurricane zone and just finished with the threat of Andrea, the tropical storm that is now on its way north to harass my daughter. Art is helping us both to deal with our fears and think about our situations in spiritual terms, without the distraction of politics or the physical danger that each presents–more so for her. I keep her in my prayers. The poetry allows me to hold it all in my head without going crazy with worry–to speak my fears aloud, to affirm in writing my trust in God for her life and our safety too.

Poetry, visual arts, performance arts–so important.