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A Peek into the Creative Process

So, I am participating in the Tupelo Press 30/30 again this February.

Each day I will be posting a new poem–obviously these fresh creations have not gone through the usual agonizing revisions that characterize most of my work.

These are raw–amazing what some others do at even the raw stage of art, but for me, this process is a great challenge, a time to have , albeit virtual an increased friendship with other poets. There are nine of us doing this each month and I have bonded with my group of nine already…well some.. and hope to connect with the others as the month goes on.

You can learn all about the project and how to support the work of poets in general by making a contribution to Tupelo Press–in my name if you do it this month, please!

Here is the site!





Late, so late, white rabbit cries!

I will be a bit late, still doing the poems for Tupelo, have other deadlines , but I do have my topic–inspired by my work with Tupelo Press


then hit on the 3030 project’
My poems are on each day, listed in alphabetical order