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Hi! We are back from a family vacation. That’s why I didn’t post–due to some unforeseen problems, I was without internet most of the time. Many of you are planning a family vacations right now. I urge you to include the children in the process of deciding location, what to do and when to go. All of this makes the time together much more fun. Our daughter suggested this trip to Sicily. We were happy to make the trip to watch her discover that part of her heritage. My sister-in-law came along–Jennie’s godmother–making it even more of a family occasion. We ate a lot of gelato, a lot of pasta, a lot of fish, many pastries and did a lot of walking. Wonderful!!!! Hope your trip goes as well and that when your children are adults they will still want to be with you when they relax at the beach, in the mountains, on a cruise or abroad.

See my upcoming food blogs for more information on what we ate! (Wednesdays)