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Snow day

Ooops! Late on this – should have been Monday, but as things go, I am having a snow day of my own.
We were schedules to go a lecture on Chagall. Possible ice on bridges here made it prudent to stay home–I cleaned out my refrigerator
and am also taking time to read a novel I wanted to finish.
A snow day is a gift of unplanned time. I chose to use my time for a task that needed to be done and I had procrastinated on and to sneak some time for myself in the hills of the west with one of my fave Tony Hillerman novels–re-reads are great.
#Hillerman, #snow

Planning for the big meal

So, I started yesterday. Made the cornbread and the biscotti (one of two backup desserts) The cornbread needs to be stale. It’s for the stuffing. Someone else is bringing the one we will serve. The biscotti need to age in an airtight tin.

This morning I made the green bean casserole and the sweet potatoes. They can sit overnight with no harmful effects and now I don’t have to worry about the crowding the oven.

Later today I’ll make the place cards and set out the Bible verse we will read and the meat thermometer.

I won’t set the table tonight because I want to use it for some staging of the pots and pans and serving pieces I will need. I have already selected which pans are to be used for what item and what serving pieces and utensils will be used. May iron the cloth today or wait for tomorrow. Clth napkins are already ironed but I may not use them–I know many of you think paper is tacky, but I like it.

Tomorrow I will make the stuffing early then get the two turkey breasts ready. Corn and peas will go into a dual veggie dish that can cook and serve and will be done in microwave while dear husband makes his special mashed potatoes. The toaster oven will handle all of the hot appetizers. Cold ones will be set out early tomorrow to allow them to get to room temp by serving time.  Guests arrive at 3. Hopefully we will sit at table by 4

Decluttering the LR and cleaning the bathroom–tasks for tomorrow AM

Will take  deep breath several times during all of the prep to remind myself of all that I am thankful for–God, family, friends, our country’s freedoms. After all, that is really what this holiday is all about–Giving Thanks.