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Keys to Unlocking Creativity in Your Child

Over the years, I’ve been asked to speak on this topic more than once. I was reminded of the topic by a recent question—do your children like to read as much as you do? The answer to that is YES! My husband and I are both big readers. Reading to¬†the children is something we both tired to do often and make fun! We offered them books (library is a great money saver!) as often as possible. We encouraged them to read widely and often.

How does this relate to creativity? Everyone is creative. We simply express that creativity in different ways and at different levels. To help your child find and enjoy his/her creativity, encourage the arts. Model enjoyment at doing things wherever you are–kitchen, garden, even chores. from an early age, our children made cards to give to the elderly in a nursing home. Great feedback. Fun time for them. We were fortunate enough to be able to provide them with lessons in music, art and dance, but allowed them to stop when they wanted to so that the activities became fun. Gifts always included art materials. Home made gifts cherished.

Organization, language arts, writing, performing, all of these things were praised.

So, in other words, make your home arts/creativity friendly. You can critique, but in a positive way. Home should be a loving atmosphere in which the child is free to create and fail and go on to create even more and to find his or her creative niche.