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What a Day!

It’s not even ten am yet and already I have been hard at work on the computer, but am not yet dressed!

First thing–saw that Silver Birch has posted my poem What we took with us when we moved, as a part of their moving day series–warning, this one is sad.

Then, I opened my gmail account and there were the page proofs for Summer in a Bowl!!!!
Amazing work by the artist Rebecca Zeissler.
Countdown to publication day of September 30!!!!!!
You can order the book now , pre-order on THEAQLLC, Amazon and BN
Those who pre-order before the launch date of September 30 can email me a copy of the receipt and be in a drawing to win a copy (signed) of the first book in the series, WHOOSH!
There is a recipe in the back of this one and gardening tips


Working on something to tell others, college students, for a seminar at my undergrad alma mater, Ohio University.

These are kids who are ultra talented and who will likely achieve much in this world. What can I, a simple writer and story performer, not famous, not a “big name” in my field(s) that will encourage them and give them a good start in their careers and in life in general.

One of the things I want to tell them is to stick to their principles, their values. Flexibility comes by respecting the lives and values of others even when there is disagreement. Respect is how we learn to live in a world of differences, loving people of all types. In terms of my own faith, it is simply following the directives of Jesus to love God first and others as ourselves. Learning to love and respect one’s self and values is part of growing up, but we must not neglect the part where they learn from and appreciate the lives and values of others.

What happened to Friday??

When I looked back at my posts, I realized I completely skipped Friday. It was on my to do list, but it did not get done. Sorry, fans and followers that I missed out sharing with you how to increase your productivity in writing or story performance. I was busy at work on a review of a book that has relevance. –Why tell you about it today on parenting share day? Because when we have an oops, it is important to share that with ourĀ children too. They need to hear about failures and how we got over it, made up for it, did better after. Life is not a series of successes and if they see our lives like that , how will they come to us and ask for help when they experience the inevitable failures life brings? Be truthful and honest in your sharing with your children. Help them grow tall in their inner selves.

A Gift for Your Child

We give our children many gift. Today I’d like to thank my mother for a gift she gave me.


I was bemoaning my lack of prowess in sports when she reminded me that I had other talents. She added the cautionary note, “There will always be those who are better than you and some who are not asĀ  competent–in whatever you do. Be happy with where you are. Be glad for your friends when they succeed at something. It’s a gift to them. Everyone needs cheers. So, instead of comparing myself to others I can be happy for others. Give your child this gift. Contentment does not squash the desire to succeed or the desire for excellence. It does not give licenses to be satisfied with mediocrity. I strive to improve, set higher and higher goals for myself always. But at the same time I am free to be happy for my friends whey they get awards, publication credits, just good things in normal life–their joy adds to mine. A life with more joy. Isn’t that what we want? Thank you, Mom, for your gift. I hope it is one I passed on.

Fans and Success

Fans. I don’t know how many I have–probably they could fit into my living room with space to spare.

But I cherish each one.

One who wrote me a letter to tell me how much my sotry “rings” meant to her. (published in St Anthony Messenger. Another, a neighbor who loves my book Giulia Goes to War and told me that she can’t wait for the next installment! A young man or woman who comes up to me and says, “Mrs. Leotta, I remember when you came to our grade school and told stories. I loved teh story of…..” Then they name their favorite tale.

It is not likely that my name will become a household word. Or that I will be widely remembered. But as long as what I write and perform is remembered fondly by those who do encounter my owrk or me in performance, then I have succeeded.