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Invite me, please!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is (in theory) a great way to expand your base, circle, platform. You write a piece for someone else’s blog and their circle sees it and hten , hopefuly, they visit your blog or FB page, and maybe even buy your book!

So far, the PR part of it has not worked for me on that side of things.

Some people have visited my blog to follow friends when they guest blog on MY site, but not sure if I made any sales.

Best benefit I’ve found–simply getting words out to others, serving others with the blog–and if it helps, great, if it doesn’t at least my range has been broadened to reach people with a worthwhile message.So, I will continue to seek guests and to seek out guests, with the goal of serving my readers and serving more folks rather than making sales.

That’s really the key–serving others. Today I’m a guest on a blog , a devotional blog. Not much to do with my stories or books but much to do with my core being, my faith. Serving God by blogging this devotional is the goal. Many hugs to Brenda Hupp Norris for hosting me today and to all who read her blog at

many blessings today and in the new year.