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Why for children?

Because what we do for them is timeless.

Why I perform for children–a FB friend asked this and I gave a short answer, but the feedback on our Easter Puppet show is a much better illustration.’ Our church, Faith Presbyterian in Myrtle Beach, put on a puppet show. I wrote it and helped , two other members helped with puppets, yet another person dressed the puppets, The show stuck pretty close to the scripture story of Easter. Easter is over, but the show goes on–one of the women filmed it on her iphone and now the show is posted on the page. A former member in another city just commented to say her three year old has watched it three times and loves it. So, Easter bunnies and  chocolate are gone but the Truth marches on into the hearts of little ones, even after The Day. Humbling and reminds me how important is the work we do for little ones.