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Rainy Day

So, what do you do on a rainy day in the summer? These are sort of like snow days in winter because they often require a complete restructuring of family plans. Do you think this is an opportunity to discover new fun? Or do you despair over the need to change?

Your reaction is both an example to your children and a guide to how they should handle changes–adversity or opportunity–and a time to┬ácultivate positive attitudes in your children and even in yourself. Also, it’s a time to remember, whatever the circumstances around you, if you are with loved ones, each nanosecond is precious.

Practical–stay armed with paper, pencils, crayons.

Have books on hand in case the power goes out–and flashlights.

bring out the old sheets to make tents over chairs.



Put on a play together.

Rain is good for plants–set out some pots and seeds.

Make paper boats.

Draw pix of animals enjoying the rain.