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Black Friday

Shopping in the AM (early early!)

Afternoon for editing Book Three in the Legacy of Honor Series.

Do you schedule work days for special projects and errands? I find that when I do that, the scheduling acts like a deadline and I’m more likely to stick to it.

And so it goes–schedules

So, for the month of June I have plans for writing¬†that I hope I will fulfill–

Need to work on two fiction projects in addition to my non fiction work.

Book Three of the Legacy of Honor Series

Revision of Fan Coral and Full Moon


What do you do–do you plan? Share comments if you care to.


One of the things we fail to teach our children is the power of planning. Thinking about a problem or situation before we jump into action. I just read an article about packing for a trip and the author’s first step was to plan what she needed to take. Bravo! This is one of the good, practical ways we can teach thinking ahead–packing for a trip, making a recipe with Mom and Dad, Christmas list on a budget, how to spend the afternoon.

Perhaps you feel this is simple. It is. Simple but essential.