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Food, Glorious Food!

In Italian, Cin Cin means “cheers”. It is also the name of a restaurant in Palermo–not to be missed. Owner was raised in Baton Rouge so he knows the American preferences but blends that with the Sicilian specialties of western Sicily. My fave was the spaccatelli with a kind of Pesto made from pistachios, basil, oil, cheese and with cherry tomatoes! Wow!

We found the spaccatelli and I brought back a kilo–now I need to try to duplicate the recipe.

Pictures of great food will be posted on Pinterest


Comfort Food

What is your go-to meal in times of trouble? For me there are two meals that speak of comfort–chicken soup (Italian style with tomato, (acine de pepe or orzo or stelline as the past put in at the end, never cooked with the soup) or pasta of any style with a tomato sauce. Yesterday I made a tomato sauce with baby bella mushrooms.

Saute mushrooms in one clove of garlic and 2T olive oil (a bit of salt–to taste)

add one 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes and 1/3 can water

Cook over low heat for 20 minutes

serve with pasta cut of your choice–penne or strozzapretti go very well with this one.

A friend’s blog has inspired me to start adding photos on food day. Too late for this recipe,but I will start