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Secrets of the Brain–apply in raising children

Read an article today that said scientists studying the brain of Einstein have concluded that the two hemispheres of his brain were very well connected. I think this means thoughts flowed easily between his creative side and his logical side. This makes sense. Great discoveries come from prepared minds seasoned by and sparked by imagination. Maybe we cannot raise Einsteins but don’t forget to give your children a good dose of activities that feed the imagination–art, creative , music, dance, theater, and sports.

Don’t forget to add unstructured quiet time where they have no activities but plenty of books, and plain paper and art supplies. Take time for walks in the woods, the park, even the city where they see others, see trees and flowers and beauty there. Make time for volunteer activities where they learn to give. Musical instruments are good for these times as well. They can learn to sing and play for others

Getting those right and left brains together might not make them outstanding thinkers but it will help them to be better people, to understand others, to be compassionate, and maybe even to appreciate the creative work of God.