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Three Day Town

Three-Day Town

Margaret Maron


Judge Deborah Knott and her husband Dwight Bryant have not had a honeymoon since their marriage in an earlier episode in the Judge Deborah Knott series. They finally leave Colleton County and Knott’s vast array of relatives (and Bryants’!) for some fun in NYC. They are going to get to enjoy each other and the sights for three whole days in the city that never sleeps. Bryant wants to explore history and meet old friends. Knott has shoes and fashion on the brain.

Unfortunately, murder disrupts their plans.

Fortunately for us, the murder involves a piece of art and Knott and hubby get to meet Maron’s first series detective, NYC art theft squad expert, Sigrid Harald. This delightful twist brings two wonderful characters together–and Maron does not play favorites. Each plays out her role with élan in solving both the mystery of the ugly (but valuable ) erotic sculpture that Harald’s grandmother has sent her via Knott, and the murder of the “super” of the building Maron and Bryant “borrowing” an apartment for the weekend in question.


This meeting of the two mystery mavens coincides with Maron’s re-release of the Sigrid Harald series in paper and in e-format! Good news for readers everywhere.


Read this book if you like a good mystery, if you like New York, if you have ever been stuck in a snowstorm, well, just read it!


I’ll be reviewing Maron’s newest, scheduled for release later this year, in overmydeadbody.com.

You may want to put it on your gift list for your favorite mystery fan for the coming holiday season.