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Listing–hand made

Yesterday I read a newsletter article about listmaking. I practically gave my self the old cuddahaddav-8 headslap!

Of course! I make lists for groceries,. I used to make lists all the time–just because I don’t do as many projects as I used to, I do still need a list to keep me on task. Oh, I’m not missing deadlines, but I am letting good projects languish because I get distracted. I meet word per day counts on my book, but not on the several short stories I’ve begun and not finished. So, back to the handwritten list.

writing by hand helps seal it into my memory.

I can take the notebook with me wherever I go.

I can see a history of what I have done.

So,  back tot he hand made list. Maybe if I had made a list I would not have missed my Wednesday blog!

A list is not just an organizing tool–it’s a boost to hard work and a dream maker’s basket of possibilities.

Dream on–and what I don’t finish today will go on tomorrow’s list!

Try it.