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Thank you

The nation as a whole seems to have taken up the habit of saying ,”Thank you for your service” to soldiers or those who identify with hats or shirts as vets. A good thing. But what about the people who serve us in so many smaller ways? Fast food? Stores? Smalls shops? Bathroom cleaners on the highway? People at airline check-in counters?

Do we smile and thank them for what they are doing for us or do we regard them as furniture, automated humans there to fulfill our needs. Teach your children to thank them, to realize that people have value no matter what their job. That’s what Labor Day is all about–all honest work is honorable from cleaning toilets to CEOs. If their service is to us or we come across their paths form waitresses to post office and bank employees, simply say “Thank you.” Your example will teach your children the same. More than you realize.