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Changing a Habit

So, I’m trying something new in my next book–tying together stories in two time periods. My publisher has asked us to write our books into her template. I did that with Book Three, A Bowl of Rice and found it very relaxing to create the story, knowing that my margins, etc etc were all ok. But with this book where the storylines jump from chapter to chapter, typing into the template is not working out. I am finding it hard to switch between the two–I want to continue along with one story, beyond the chapter limit as I am writing, So, I’ve thought about it, am praying now that I have selected the right solution and have decided to shift.

I am going to type the entire first draft into one document–for each story. Cut into chapters and lay the links between the two, physical y looking at all of the chapters. Then I will retype the second draft into the template. More work? Yes, but I think the right work pattern for me for this type of story. I could have persisted in using my old method…but that would have resulted in format problems and worst of all, an inability to see each story and the relationships between the two as clearly as I need to in order to create something my readers will enjoy and easily follow. So, in this case, I will change my habit–now, on to my goal of a minimum of two thousand words a day on this book until the draft is finished and the research can all be plugged into it! Spoiler alert–the storylines are civil war and gulf war in their settings

Father’s Day is not over

Officially Father’s Day was yesterday but in reality Father’s Day is never over. we should celebrate the people we love each and every day. I miss my Dad’s physical presence sometimes but I have such stores of love in my heart from our everyday interactions that I will never run out of “hugs” from him.

So, if you are a Dad, make time for your little one. If you have a Dad, find time to honor him. If you are the mom, find ways to help your child honor his/her Dad and for your husband to spend time alone doing fun things with the children.

Then take some time for a Mom Dad-husband wife date–a strong relationship between Mom and Dad is the foundation of good Dad (and good Mom) time with the children.