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Amazing Grace! First Play Accepted!!

This morning I received an email from Marc Miller at the Fort Point Theatre Channel in Boston. He was asking questions to a long list of recipients about music and more for production of plays. I emailed him asking why I was on the list and he quickly responded that my play, Pinpoint Wisdom had been accepted for production!!!!!!!!

I had missed the December 17 email due to an overactive spam filtering from my current email provider and subsequent loss of some emails in other dealings with them.

Yes, the December 17 email gave me the wonderful news that my play will be one of the six shorts produced for the Feb 113, 14 festival!!!!!!

Here is the “skinny” on the festival. My play listing is at the very end!

8 pm, February 13-14, 2015
Atlantic Wharf
290 Congress Street, Boston, MA

Curated by Courtney Peix and Marc S. Miller


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Channel/Dance, coming on Friday the Thirteenth of February and Valentine’s Day, offers endless possibilities for good luck and good feelings when ten of Boston’s adventurous choreographers collaborate with painters, photographers, playwrights, and other artists to create short movement works with imaginative and far-reaching visual and audio impact. Add the ingredients of a half-dozen of the briefest of movement-themed plays, and the result is an invigorating performance experience that surprises with its twists and turns.

Contrapose Dance and Fort Point Theatre Channel have assembled eight teams, each joining choreographers with artists from non-dance disciplines, to collaborate in inventing performance works of under six minutes each. Juxtaposed with these movement pieces, the evening features six new plays, each less than two minutes long. Selected from 80 submissions received from playwrights around the world, each has a connection to dance.

This collaboration with Contrapose Dance will be the thirteenth in Fort Point Theatre Channel’s always surprising and exciting Exclamation Point! series of short new works.

A Glimpse of What to Expect

//www.youtube.com/embed/4k3Cy_dGdNE?wmode=opaque&enablejsapi=1","url":"http://youtu.be/4k3Cy_dGdNE","width":854,"height":480,"providerName":"YouTube","thumbnailUrl":"http://i.ytimg.com/vi/4k3Cy_dGdNE/hqdefault.jpg","resolvedBy":"youtube"}” data-block-type=”32″>

At Channel/Dance, Nick Thorkelson and the Wondertwins will blend animation and dance

Roll over artists name for online links where available.

Courtney Peix (Contrapose Dance) and Daniel J. van Ackere: Under a canopy of white, dancers will perform on a platform embedded with LED lighting, echoing Starry Night, a permanent Fort Point installation created by van Ackere and Lisa Greenfield.

Mariah Steele (Quicksilver Dance) and Anne Loyer: In manipulating Loyer’s wearable sculptures, Steele and dancers will explore the idea of networks, both natural and technological.

The Wondertwins (Billy & Bobby McClain) and Nick Thorkelson: The dancers moving in concert with Thorkelson’s animation will suggest robots programmed (badly) by an engineer who’s been watching too much television.

Audra Carbatta (Audra Carabatta & Dancers) and Olivia Brownlee: The theme is coming and going as the collaborators flip the traditional way of creating a movement piece, with Brownlee’s music created to match Carbatta’s choreography.

Kelley Donovan (Kelley Donovan & Dancers) and Mark Warhol: To the accompaniment of Warhol’s solo music for clarinet, Donovan and dancers will develop a dance that investigates the internal world of transformation.

Nicole Pierce (EgoArt, Inc.) and Rick Dorff: Balloons held aloft by helium create Dorff’s environment for Pierce’s dance performance.

Maggie Foster, Caitlyn Schrader, Silvia Graziano, and Douglas Urbank: The collaborators are working on the subject of social norms of feminine idealism. The performance will include an audio recording, an accompanying text, and film projection.

Annie Kloppenberg (Annie Kloppenberg & Co.) and Peter Agoos: Ideas under development

PLUS six very short plays,
directed by Jaime Carrillo, Amelia Lumpkin, and Cait Robinson. The plays are:

Cherry Pierogis, by Kelli Burton (New York) centers of the long-ago memory of a treasured evening.

Dancing the Constellations, by Greg Vovos (Ohio) joins a man who doesn’t believe he can fly with a woman who knows she can.

Expressionism, by Katelyn Beaudoin (Massachusetts) introduces two people to the joys of dancing anywhere—even the subway.

Interpretation, by Mary Driscoll and Forrest Walter (Massachusetts) pairs a middle-aged former gay disco dancer with a haughty, tired, and successful theatre director.

Lift Up Your Crazy Legs, by B.W. Shearer (Australia) asks, “Must we dance?” and answers, “Is there any choice?”

Pinpoint Wisdom, by Joan Leotta (North Carolina) imagines the encounter of a jogger with dancers on a very small stage.