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Facebook Helps and Not so Helpful

One of the things I enjoy is the feed from Facebook from some of the writing and performing sites I have friended.

Recently I wanted to share several things with you–but I did not copy them to my page and so cannot find them now.

Facebook is good for many things but needs a search feature to make it really useful. I mean just to be able to search one’s own feed!

Best advice this week to all who perform or write–watch your health. I am way behind on assignments because I have been sick for the past three weeks and really sick the last two days, in fact hardly able to work.

Appetite for Dreams

A young boy came to the Taste of Home food fair in Myrtle Beach on Saturday–11 years old, wearing a chef’s coat with his name on it!

The outing was a present. He came with his Mom. He wants to be a chef–what great parents–feeding his dream. I hope to interview him for this blog soon. Stay tuned and look to your own little ones. Feed their dreams with craft supplies, art and music lessons, cooking lessons, theater classes, whatever it takes–even if their careers take a different route, the creative help you have given them will never be wasted. Best of all, they will lovingly recall the way you fed their dreams.