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Friday–Late Post

OK, so it is not Friday. But I am posting anyway. I missed Friday because I was so caught up in my last-minute preparations for Saturday’s performance at El Dia de los Muertos celebration at the Chapin museum in Myrtle Beach.

Though of course, my preparations actually began weeks before, I spent Friday dong the final selection on my costume(see what was appropriate and what still fit! Sigh!)

Also, making sure I had all the props I wanted in one place

Finally, dong rehearsal of all of the stories, preparing for participation and for crowds that would not participate.

Prepped enough stories for double the amount of time i was expected to perform and for a wide variety of ages.


Since I am posting ex post facto, I can tell you how it went.

One of the best festivals I have been in there–was outside and DJ Charlie had the mic for me as he always does–but it didn’t work! SO, we adapted the situation on a short notice and used a standing mic instead.

I faced the crowd at an angle allowing me to serve both those seated and the ones in line waiting at the crafts tables. Also acknowledged those at the craft tables, told them to just pretend I was  a TV show and go ahead and do their craft and wait in line while listening.

Usually the crowd sits still for up to three stories at one time–this day they went for four! I was soooo excited. One darling little boy came up and participated every time. So wonderful–can’t wait to see him onstage sometime soon. He was so good and had great ideas for story questions too. Will post a photo of the event later.