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You may bring home scarves and ceramics–ok, so did I, from your trip to Italy but I also came home with three packages of pasta–all cuts that are difficult and in one case impossible to find here.

Trofie are available in specialty stores as is squid ink pasta. I bought these in specialty stores. But it is the package (I kilo large) we got from a grocery store that excites me most-spaccatelli–a cut bucatelli pasta, not just cut short, but slit down the middle, A die cut pasta, this shape holds the sauce in a whole new way. Tried it at Cin Cin, a great restaurant in Palermo and hunted for it all over until another person on our trip found it in a grocery store for me. It’s made by Proia,a Sicilian pasta maker. Saw their plant outside of Catania on our way to the airport. My pictures and this pasta are my fave recordi from this trip, by far. Pic will follow.

PS Cin Cin is a GREAT place to dine