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Merriment for May


We writers get many rejections, so no wonder we become giddy with joy when success smiles on us.

My poem, “Falling Shells” was just accepted by Poetry Quarterly/Prolific Press.
My short story “Cottonwood Grove” is going to be included in a Cane Hollow Press anthology of Westerns. That short story is also available as a single story on Amazon


Cottonwood Grove teaser

A century and a half ago, three Shoshone youths were killed in a cottonwood grove… a grove that, generations later, still seems to be imbued with their spirits. Now the new foreman of the Shoshone-owned Triple Dagger Ranch, Will Johnston, has found a dead body in the grove… killed with an antique Shoshone knife. Will’s boss, Jim Many Elks, has been framed for the killing -can Will solve the mystery and clear his friend?CottonGrovelimoII

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So, yesterday I posted some encouragement–today a brag!

My short story, Cottonwood Grove, my one and only western is on sale as of April 1 on Amazon–a kindle purchase

Here is the link!


Go to "Cottonwood Grove" page  this was a real thrill