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Never Done

A writer’s work is never done!

I am busy working on PR, blog hops etc for Summer in a Bowl and also at the same time working on poems, my usual quota of articles, and coordinating with my publisher on revisions in the texts of the NEXT TWO Rosa books–Rosa and the Red Apron and Rosa’s Shell


Heather Zeissler of THEAQLLC has been wonderful to work with.

If you want me to come to your school to talk about the process of writing picture books or  to talk to your group about how I got started writing picture books, just email me at joanleotta@atmc.net




Free Lunch exists!

I just won a free lunch from Kudzu bakery!

Exciting. Still not feeling 100 percent from last week’s flu–trying to trick myself into eating–ate some pistachios yesterday and soup. Today I started with cereal, had a blueberry drink at McDonald’s and today I am having tomatoes and mozzarella for lunch. Simple but food I like. Yesterday I cooked some pasta for lunch for myself–small portion, but delicious. Had some leftover sauce in the freezer –just the right amount.


Good news to share about Alley !

My friend is a finalist in the Dole Cooke–off
Here is a note from her publicist
Murrells Inlet, SC, June 24, 2013 — Murrells Inlet resident, food and lifestyle blogger, Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips (AllysKitchen.com) has won a coveted spot as the Eastern finalist in the 5th Annual Dole California Cook-off. The Dole California Cook-off has become a renowned food competition where home chefs submit original recipes and are chosen based on the best use of DOLE products. This event will be held in Santa Monica, California on Saturday June 29th. Each year thousands of cooks enter for the coveted chance to compete in the Dole California Cook-Off and only three finalists nationwide are chosen. The chosen finalists are flown to Los Angeles where they prepare and present their dish to a panel of judges led by renowned celebrity chef, Ben Ford, along with a live audience at Santa Monica Place to cheer them on. Last year’s event was attended by over 55,000 fans and the grand prize winner took home $10,000. The winner is chosen based on on the Best Use of DOLE Products Creativity of Presentation, and Flavor & Taste. This year’s cash prize has increased to a $25,000 purse. “This is a high-roller’s contest with thousands of entrees and only three finalists nationwide. My competitors are seasoned food competition winners, “ says Alice D’Antoni Phillips. “It makes me realize that I am in the big league of food competition. I’m going there to win”

Some advice for Friday and two contests

Taking advice–always a good idea, esp when it is good advice!

A group I belong to on mystery writing posted this link to good advice from a former cop on setting up crime scenes in your stories–hey, it’s a fellow blogger on wordpress!

Nice article by a former cop on Crime Scenes: The Do’s And Don’ts.




Sleuths’ Ink presents “WHODUNNIT?” Put on your Colombo trench coat and
write a 700-word mystery. Prizes. http://tinyurl.com/bfd59us Deadline is approaching.
Entries must be received before May 31st to be eligible for prizes.

Who’s thinking about Halloween in May? I am! I need submissions.


down to see description and boss cover)

We’re publishing an anthology of
mystery stories set during Halloween, MY “most wonderful time of the year”.
Paranormal elements are acceptable as long as they are in keeping with the
Halloween theme and the central story is a mystery. We’re seeking stories that
are 4000 – 8000 words in length. Query about reprints. We will accept multiple
submissions, but not simultaneous submissions.

Open submission period:
April 20 – July 15th, 2013.

Please see our Guidelines and Payment page
for further information on the rights we ask for and the compensation we offer.
The latter includes a $5 advance on royalties.


for your time,

Sarah E. Glenn

Renovations–Need your help

Hi! We’re doing some household renovations and I will be offline for a while and off the blog for a longer. I’d like to make good use of this time for writing and posting as well as for having the joy of a lighter load in the house (we will use the renovation as a time to clear out things as well as put in the new. I’m not asking you to come and clean out the house or help lay the new floors. What I’d like is for you to use the comment section to tell me what you would like to see in Family Creativity, Food posts and writing and performing posts. Do you want to guest? Let me know. When I start up again, I’ll try to fill your wish lists as best I can. The purpose of my blog is to serve you while putting forth my ideas and books. How can I deepen our relationship and broaden the appeal and utility (to others) of the blog? Thanks.