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Tune in Tomorrow and a Tip for Today


I’m looking to make tips on my site a more regular feature, but here is one for those of you who write travel—subscribe to overseas newsletters to keep up with the latest information on European or other travel and maybe also find a few contests to enter: Try this one–the contest is past but the site is great and you can sign up to be notified of their next contest too(I missed it as well).


Tune in tomorrow for a guest blog from a wonderful author!

My face is red

No matter how many times I read my book, Letters from Korea, and how many times my editor  and others who have written to me have read it, we all missed one thing–that only my daughter caught.  I name a mountain–in the US–and I gave it the wrong name!!!!!!  Not a “real” error because I have seen this mountain and know where it and the other one are. I have seen the view I describe in the book. For some reason or other I was thinking about the other state and used its Mountain Name.

I guess after writing the wrong mountain once, I continued to read the right mountain into the scene, time after time. I’d feel worse except for the fact that I just caught two big publishers in similar oops! moments.

So, if you find the error,  and leave a comment telling me which mountain goes where, I will send you a copy of my family’s secret tomato sauce recipe–it’s the secret recipe Giulia and Gina use too.

Sharing the Good News

Was not sure what to post today for writing and performing, especially since I chickened out on sending a collection of my short stories to a contest—you can’t win if you don’t enter.

So, this morning, what did I find in my email? A note that I placed, with Honorable Mention, in Wordsmith Journal’s contest of best stories. This was a contest where people voted for their favorite story. I don’t do a good job of getting the word out about these things so I am especially happy  to have placed at all since I only told a few people about this. Wordsmith is not a paying market, but it paid off by boosting my confidence. So, maybe I will enter that next contest!