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First Day of School

If your child goes to a public or private school then he or she is about to face the first day in a new classroom.

New teacher. New friends. Does he or she view it with joyous anticipation or dread? Some of that depends on the personality of the child. We had one of each. We had to find the balance of encouraging the child who dreded the new experience without placing false expectations or diluting the joy of the other child, and what was even harder, never saying “Why can’t you see it as your brother does?”

Your child will have good and bad experiences in school and in life. Be there for him or her with love and support. I remember being upset because I was always chosen last for sports teams–even by my friends.

My mother explained, simply, honestly with no sugar coating for my ego, that I was terrible at sports. Even at age 8 or so I knew she was right. “You have other talents, ” she added. “And besides, all those athletes need someone to cheer them.”

I do have other talents. I’m not sure she knew what they were at the time besides the general idea of being “Smart” which meant good at academics. But she and my Dad supported the idea that I was a worthy, loveable and successful person no matter how many balls I dropped or how often the other team scored against me.

Theater, writing, school newspaper, student government–all of these things were outlets for me as time went on. I learned to do the best I could always, (again my mom) aware that there would always be others more talented, and some less talented–but that my job was to do the best I could with the talent I possessed. My husband and I tried very hard to pass these lessons on to our children. Honesty. No sugar coating.

Work on projects they like at home to build confidence but don’t fabricate better results than they deserve.

Each child , each person truly is special. On the first day of school not all will be sure of it, but remind each one that he or she is loved, pray and be there to listen when the day is done.