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Skipping. It’s what we do when we are young and so enthusiastic about our day or destination that we cannot keep our feet on the ground–it’s also what happens when we miss something–too tired to post Friday, still not feeling well, I “skipped”.

Today is parenting day–coming back from vacation we may find that while we were “skipping” with joy we may have also “skipped” some chores.

Time to catch up today. But don’t make coming home a day of chores. Save some time for joyful homecoming, for enjoying a return to normal routine. Break for a treat and remind your little ones that even though vacation was fun, there is no place like home.  Both types of skipping can be good for the soul–the kind we do for pure joy and the kind we have to go back and fill in–both are good, both can enrich and can be enjoyed.